3 Important Pool Lighting Design Ideas

With the August heat in full force, your pool lighting design needs to ensure your backyard oasis is safe, fun and provides a great overall experience.

Time spent in your outdoor pool is that much more important for you and your family with high heat and humidity. For many people, work consumes the majority of their days, so a nighttime dip in the pool is a great opportunity to relax and get relief from the heat. Here are a few lighting tips to keep your pool time safe and sleek at night:

1. Dim the Lights to Set the Right Mood

Dimmed landscape lighting can add a dramatic effect to your nighttime landscape and swimming pool. With less intense output from your lamps, lighting with a lower color temperature can give your pool a relaxing ambience for you to enjoy and unwind after a long day in the heat. Eyelid deck lights are also a great addition to your outdoor pool area. They help provide subtle illumination while adding to the calm, nighttime mood.

2. RGB Lighting for a Creative Take on Pool Lighting

For an innovative and creative take on pool lighting design, try RGB orb lighting for a variety of colors and moods.

RGB orbs, offered by Nite Time Decor, allow for a change in color for different times of the year. For example, red, green, white and purpose lights might be appropriate for the holiday season, whereas red, white and blue may be more optimal for the Fourth of July.

3. Pool Lighting Design with Safety in Mind

With about 10 unintentional deaths from drowning every day, safety should be a top concern when designing your outdoor pool lighting scheme. Make sure the pathway to and from your pool is well-lit to avoid falls in the dark. Furthermore, having lights in your pool is also important so that you can see to the bottom. Especially if you’re hosting a big pool party, you want to keep track of all guests in and out of the water.

Landscape Lighting by Professionals

Whatever your top priority is with landscape lighting, you want your outdoor pool lighting scheme to look professional and tasteful. Make sure you’re working with the right company to help you pick the best lighting layout with proper installation.

Nite Time Decor offers expertise in landscape lighting design to help you create and set up your ideal pool lighting plan. To get in touch with a contractor, visit Nite Time Decor.

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