3 Reasons Commercial Grade Holiday Lighting Sets Contractors Up for Success

According to the Pew Research Center survey, nine out of ten Americans celebrate Christmas. There is a big market for individuals who are interested in displaying their holiday spirit. Christmas lighting is a great opportunity for contractors who are looking to expand their business and join a professional network.

At Christmas Decor, we provide our contractors with commercial grade products, systems, and training. Working with Christmas Decor provides contractors with many benefits.

1. You Can Up-Sell

Many homeowners dream of a perfectly decorated home during the holidays. With Christmas Decor’s commercial grade products, you can provide your customers with a Christmas display they have always wanted. You can gain business and increase sales by informing homeowners about the great quality of these products.

colorsplash holiday lighting

For example, our lighting is fully rectified. Most consumer-grade holiday lighting creates a strobe light effect that can cause pain rather than peace for onlookers. We teach our contractors how to correctly balance circuits and how to properly illuminate yard elements with ColorSplash lights and more. Our products are weather resistant and durable enough to last from season to season. Commercial grade lighting typically lasts two times longer than any consumer grade lighting.

2. Consumers Like Energy Efficiency

We prefer using light emitting diode (LED) lighting compared to other options at Christmas Decor. LED holiday lighting can save consumers up to 80 percent on energy costs compared to incandescent lighting. Lower energy usage means lower utility bills throughout the holiday season. Many consumer grade lighting is often incandescent and creates higher expenses for homeowners.

led lighting

At the same time, our LED holiday lighting lasts between 5-8 years while incandescent lighting typically lasts 3-4 years. Using quality products saves contractors money as well. Contractors get more use out of their money because they don’t have to replace strings of lights as much throughout the years. Furthermore, LED lights strings will stay lit even if a single bulb goes out.

3. You Have Control of Inventory

When you run a quality business, you need quality products. Our lighting features a proprietary shell that shines clearer and crisper than other options. Contractors have the power to choose from our many options of colored light strings. Decorators have complete control over their inventory and services while other businesses may only offer specific sets of lighting.

Your clients will have the power to pick and choose from your inventory to create the most unique on the block. With design consultation, complete installation and timely takedown, you’re in a strong position to build a loyal client list and solid source of referrals.

If you are interested in learning more about our quality training and products, view our website to see how your business can benefit from commercial holiday lighting.

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