3 Simple Tips for Safe and Secure Holiday Decorations and Lighting

Choosing the best holiday landscape decor for your home takes creativity. With the thousands of holiday decorations and lighting products available, it’s easy to find a good fit for your front yard’s aesthetic.

However, you’ll want to make sure the lighting design you choose coincides with any extra garnish, tinsel or wreaths – both for looks and safety. According to a survey conducted by the Electrical Safety Foundation International, more than 60 percent of homes that will be using holiday lighting this season will utilize at least one extension cord. And while Christmas lights are hung to be enjoyed by all during the season, it’s also important to consider everyone’s safety. Holiday lights can pose a risk of fire hazard and electrical injuries if used incorrectly.

Especially if you’ve got youngsters in your home or plan on hosting a big holiday gathering, you’ll want to make sure your holiday decorations and lighting are safe and secure this season.

Take Precautions with Holiday Decorations and Lighting

Christmas Decor values the beauty of holiday decor while adhering to practical safety standards. Here are a few tips from our experts on how to keep your holiday lighting in check and shining bright— both inside and outside your home:


No one loves the holidays quite as much as the little ones who wait up for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. To avoid a child-related accident with holiday lighting or products, make sure to childproof your decor. Place your electrical cords out of reach from small children. If you have wires draping across the floors, secure them under a rug or by duct taping them down. Ornaments, berries, metal hooks and other small items can present a choking hazard. Be sure these types of accessories are also placed out of reach from children, and be cautious when choosing the right decor for your home.

Christmas Tree Safety

Especially if you plan on purchasing an artificial tree, make sure it’s labeled as fire resistant. Stringing Christmas lights around a fake tree can cause the leaves to become extremely hot, which is why it’s important to double check that there will be no risk of fire. Additionally, place your tree at least three feet away from any heater, fireplace or other heating devices. You’ll want to admire your tree while cozying up to something warm, which is why it’s best to keep it away from any fire hazard.

Outdoor Lighting Hazards

A common threat for outdoor holiday lighting layout is harsh winter weather. Make sure your lights are hung securely so that high winds or heavy snowfall won’t move them out of place. Standing water from melted snow can also pose a risk for fire or damage to your bulbs. Avoid running your cords on the ground outside, but if you must do so, make sure they are covered by a rooftop or front porch area.

To enjoy the most out of your holiday lighting, always be sure to keep safety in mind. The experts at Christmas Decor can help ensure total holiday lighting bliss by providing you with design advice, proper installation and safe teardown. To get in touch with a professional, visit us online at http://christmasdecor.net.

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