5 Mobile Apps for Landscaping Contractors

Even though you spend the majority your time outdoors in the elements, we live in a digital world. While this means you have to deal with “smartphone walkers” more frequently (and avoid hitting them when they walk into traffic), mobile technology has helped us open up new avenues to be more productive and build better relationships with customers.

However, the sheer number of mobile apps is enough to overwhelm even the most tech-forward person when they’re trying to figure out which ones will best suit their needs. You have apps for productivity, payment processing, job scheduling and countless others that help you save time and complete tasks more efficiently.

Here are five mobile apps that can help you with your landscaping projects and client management:

  1. Landscape & Garden Calculators
    When prospective clients ask for a bid for a specific project, your first move is likely to head back to your office and start putting the estimate together. This app allows you to take care of it directly on your smartphone or tablet, meaning you can get started anywhere you are. The current cost is $3.99 for purchase in the Android store, and it provides you with calculators for projects that include hardscape, softscape and lawns. For landscape lighting, you’re able to calculate optimal wire gauge, voltage tap and voltage drop according to wire length and total watts.
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  1. Joist Estimating and Invoicing
    Another tool that contractors can take advantage of while they’re on the go is Joist. Like Landscape & Garden Calculators, it allows you to quickly create estimates that you can deliver to clients ahead of the competition. It also features a customizable invoice creator, a payment tracking function and tools for project management. Considering it’s a free download, contractors can easily get a great return on investment for the app.
  1. Weather Channel
    As a landscaping contractor, you’re pretty much guaranteed to spend a significant amount of time outside. You may be able to control each project’s workflow, but you have no way to manage the weather. The only thing you can do is to be vigilant and make adjustments based on the forecast. The Weather Channel’s app is free, provides a wealth of information 10 days out, and you can set up notifications for specific inclement weather.
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  1. Evernote
    Whether you are the lone contractor or are part of a team of landscaping professionals, Evernote is a great tool to help you share and manage information about specific projects. You can ensure everyone is on the same page with real-time chat functionality and file sharing. There aren’t many better apps for creating lists, project planning and creating timelines. In addition to the free basic version, there are other paid versions that add different layers of functionality.
  1. Square Register
    Making sure you get paid for completing a project can be a challenge depending on the relationship you have with your clients. Square Card Reader makes it a bit easier to process payments with customers who want to pay with a credit or debit card, EMV chip cards and Apple Pay. Square’s card reader works with your Android phone, iPhone or iPad, allowing you to accept payment on the spot. There are swipe fees, so it’s important to take that into account when you’re using it.
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Make Sure You’re Using the Best Products

Although it’s important to use the latest technology to ensure you’re as productive and efficient as possible, the quality of your work is what will keep clients happy – and coming back or providing referrals. Nite Time Decor provides landscaping contractors with the products that prioritize performance and aesthetic appeal. Learn more about our industry-leading line of products and warranties that will ensure you continue to win bids and keep your business going strong.

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