5 Trends in Outdoor Holiday Decor in 2016

The holiday season is fast approaching. Is your outdoor holiday decor feeling flat? It’s time to focus on your outdoor lighting scheme. There are endless ways to make your home standout this season, and the experts at Christmas Decor have a few helpful hints.

Here are five new ways to decorate your outdoor space this holiday season

1. Globe and Novelty Lights

Instead of hanging traditional white or colored lights, try a more modern style like globe lights. Christmas Decor offers these lights in either G40 or G50 bulb sizes. By pairing this type of lighting with wreaths and other holiday decor, you’ll still add a whole level of festiveness to your Christmas décor while bringing a unique and contemporary touch to your landscape layout.

2. Holiday-Inspired Trimmed Plants

Trade in your regular shrubs and potted plants for holiday trimmed plants. Peace signs, doves or other Christmas-related figures can add a festive touch to your front porch or pathway. Hang a strand of lights around the plant to add warmth and new layers to this plant life.

3. Oversized Ornaments

Ornaments aren’t limited to indoor Christmas trees. Try hanging large, oversized ornaments on your outdoor evergreens and other trees for a bold look. Outdoor ornaments come in a variety of shapes and colors to best fit the overall holiday lighting layout of your home. For extra holiday cheer, consider illuminated ornaments for your outdoor tree. Christmas Decor also offers a product called the starfire sphere, an outdoor tree accessory that adds creativity and wonder to your holiday lighting layout.

278423_10150257181044354_920677_o4. Light or Garnish Pathways

Adding decorative lighting or plants to your pathways can aesthetically liven up your front yard. Small lanterns lining the pathway up to your front door or wrapping illuminated around an entryway railing can create curb appeal for your home while making carolers feel more welcome.

5. Add Music to Your Display

Syncing Christmas music with your holiday lights has become a family favorite for homeowners across the country. Choose your favorite Christmas carols and melodies to create a more dynamic experience for all to enjoy as they pass by your house—and maybe even stop in for some eggnog.

christmas decor holiday lighting colorsplash lighting

Other trends in holiday lighting include the use of ColorSplash, a product that emits flooded color on walls or trees (see above) using landscape lighting spotlights, or novelty figures. From intricate toy soldiers to illuminate greenery, Barcana has a variety of unique holiday accessories to suit your home best.

It takes a knack for landscape lighting and a love for Christmas cheer to come up with an innovative and pleasing holiday lighting layout for your home. The experts at Christmas decor offer advice on what’ll have your home looking most festive while adhering to the latest trends in holiday and landscape lighting. To get in touch with a contractor, visit us online.

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