8 Summertime Safety Tips for Pool and Spa Owners

The summertime is known for being fun – the weather is finally warm, the smell of sunscreen lotion is in the air and your kids can finally spend countless hours playing in the backyard pool. However, for some more some families, an enjoyable and relaxing day by the pool can quickly turn into a parent’s worst nightmare. According to the American Red Cross, over 200 young children drown each year and over 5,000 children seriously injured in backyard swimming pool accidents.

Owning a residential pool or spa comes with added responsibility and that only increases if you have young children. Nite Time Decor is here to offer some important safety tips to help ensure that your household remains fun and safe and that your children are around to play in it for many years to come.

Children first

  • Always keep your children under strict supervision at all times when they are in or near the pool or spa area. If they are under nine years of age, be sure to be in the water with them at arm’s reach.
  • For younger children, make sure to use a life jacket or flotation devices that are U.S. Coast Guard-approved.
  • Keep your pool or hot tub deck clear at all times. Remove all toys and floats from the pool after the children are done playing so they aren’t tempted to approach the pool and spa area unsupervised.
  • If your child is ever missing, always check for them in the pool or spa area first.

CPR Certification 

It is highly recommended that you receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid training if you have or are considering getting a pool. If anything should happen to your child, every second counts. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “CPR performed by bystanders before the paramedics arrive has been shown improve outcomes in drowning victims.” The quicker you begin performing CPR on a victim, the better your chances are of saving their life.

Check with your local community center to see if they offer any CPR certification programs. If not, you can also find first aid and CPR training courses offered by the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association and the National Safety Council. Also, be sure to invest in the proper first aid kit and brief your family members and neighbors on what to do during an emergency.

Take Preventative Action

The best way to prevent something bad from happening is to take the proper precautionary measures.

  • Install and use a lockable safety cover on your spa and use pool coverings that are the right size and shape for your pool.
  • Secure your pool with appropriate barriers with a self-closing, self-latching gate. According to the U.S.  Consumer Product Safety Commission, “a four-sided isolation fence (separating the pool area from the house and yard) reduces a child’s risk of drowning by 83 percent compared to three-sided property-line fencing.”
  • Be sure to install the proper outdoor lighting throughout your pool and spa area to ensure enhanced visibility of your children and other pool guests after it begins to get dark outside.

The safety of your family is the most important thing in the world to you. So take the steps necessary to make sure they stay out of harm’s way this summer.

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