DIY Project: Planting a Bright and Beautiful Summer Garden

When most people think of summer, they think of warm temperatures, swimming in a backyard pool and lots and lots of flowers. Now that summer’s finally here, that means it’s finally time to get your bright and colorful summer garden started! If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your front or backyard, then planting a bright and lively garden is your best bet.

The overall effect that a garden has over your home all comes down to how you mix and match different flowers and how well you utilize different color combinations. However, when you visit a flower store, you’ll most likely be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices. From Asters to Peonies to Daffodils, how is the average person to know what types of flowers will pair well with one another? Today, Nite Time Decor outlines some best practices for a colorful, DIY home garden.

Short and Tall

When selecting flowers for your blooming summer garden, it’s important to have a good balance of short, medium and tall flowers. As you plant your flowers, you should start with the short and as you reach farther back into your garden add in the medium and tall flowers for a beautiful layering effect. This will ensure that all of the flowers will effectively be seen.

Top 3 Short Flowers

Top 3 Tall Flowers

Bright and Pale

You may be tempted to choose all bright, bold colored flowers for your garden, but this can have an overwhelming effect. Instead, homeowners should choose their palates wisely and mix and match a variety of bright flowers with softer ones. For instance, if you’re looking to add a bright garden of purples and pinks, consider adding in some flowers in light pink or white shade to add some contrast in a tasteful way. If you want to plant a garden of blue and orange flowers, try adding in some deep, earthy green plants to tone down the combination.  When choosing a color palate for your garden, it’s all about choosing a few bright flowers and pairing them with a few muted ones.

Top 3 Bright Flowers

Top 3 Pale Flowers

Fragrant and Muted

Another key element to consider when choosing flowers for your summer garden is the fragrance level of each plant. Having conflicting, bold fragrances may bother your guests and can even led to more bugs being attracted to your home’s exterior – something no homeowner wants! If you greatly want to add a specific flower to your garden that has a particularly pungent scent, then make sure to pair it with less odorous flowers to balance the smell.

Top 3 Fragrant Flowers

Top 3 Muted Flowers

Before you get started, it’s important to plan out your garden’s contents beforehand. Don’t forget to balance out the various flower’s fragrances, colors and heights so you can ensure that your summer garden will be the best on your block.

Want Your Garden to Stand Out in the Dark?

Don’t forget to have outdoor lighting installed across your garden to ensure that it will still be seen once the sun goes down! If you’re looking to illuminate your garden, then consider having directional wash lights or path area lights installed at the edge of and above your garden. These lighting fixtures work best to accentuate landscaping and bring attention to gardens. When talking about garden lights, it’s important to have high-quality and durable lighting installed so that corrosion doesn’t negatively affect flower growth.

Nite Time Decor has a premium line of outdoor lighting products that are built to deliver spectacular results while also withstanding the elements. To learn more about how you can have Nite Time Decor’s exclusive and long-lasting product line installed in your yard, contact a contractor near you!


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