How Christmas Decor Stands Apart as a Seasonal Business

As far as seasonal businesses go, there’s something different about Christmas Decor. The premier holiday and event decorating company in North America, we have built a business model that creates truly remarkable holiday experiences for both home and business owners.

The services we provide and the professional and courteous manner in which we provide them sets our brand apart. For a few months out of the year our franchisees get to – in their own way – bring joy to the world with holiday lighting and decorations.

A Convenient and Heartwarming Business

“The experience is mutually exciting for both our franchisees and our clients,” said Michelle Flinn, marketing coordinator for The Decor Group, parent company of Christmas Decor. “Our franchisees love seeing the happiness on the faces of families in neighborhoods across the country just as much as their clients love having festive lighting designs accentuate their homes.”

christmas decor holiday lighting outdoor lighting christmas lighting

When the Christmas season is over, most Christmas Decor franchisees spend their time working in the green industry, as many franchisees own and operate landscaping, pest control and pool cleaning businesses. Due to the seasonality of most of these services, franchisees tend to experience their peak seasons during spring and summer. Christmas Decor helps supplement their business during the off-season. Christmas Decor franchisees are not only able to maintain a revenue stream to offset their slow seasons and achieve higher profit margins per job, but they can also be proud of their ability to provide more to their staff year round—especially, with a very rewarding type of work.

Christmas is Evergreen

When you compare Christmas Decor to other seasonal winter businesses operations, there’s a sense of security that other service models cannot.

Fall and winter create numerous seasonal jobs, such as fall clean up, snow plowing and firewood services. However, these jobs are often contingent on weather patterns. There is no guarantee that it will snow one winter to the next or even that temperatures will continue to drop. Christmas, on the other hand, is scheduled to happen every year despite the weather or unforeseen events.

christmas decor holiday lighting christmas lights

“No matter what is going on, people still make celebrating Christmas a huge priority,” said Flinn. “Even when the recession hit, we were able to still keep demand high. We found that although many people were tightening their belts the rest of the year, Christmas was still very important to them.”

Christmas traditions and the joy of the holiday season makes decorating an expense that people are more than happy to indulge in.

The Appeal of a Franchise Brand

For many Christmas Decor franchisees, this is their first experience working in a franchise system, and they are often surprised at all the benefits and support available to them. In a franchise system, most of the legwork in building the business model is already done. Over more than 20 years, Christmas Decor has developed a business strategy that gives franchisees a blueprint to follow and resources, including:

  • Franchise Consultants: Franchisees know that they have a dedicated franchise consultant available to them at all times if they need any advice or want to develop a unique business strategy for their location.
  • Marketing Strategy: We work to constantly refine our marketing efforts both nationally and locally. Franchisees can rely on our marketing strategies because they have consistently been proven to work.
  • Product Offerings: A major benefit of being a part of a franchise system is that we take care of everything on the product side. We buy large qualities of lighting equipment and house it in our warehouse, helping franchisees cut down on costs and storage space. We only source high-quality equipment, and we have proprietary products help set us apart from any of our competitors.

It is no secret why our franchisees continue to stay with us year after year. The people that trust our system see the results they want and have a lot of fun doing it. To learn more about the Christmas Decor franchise opportunity, visit us at

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