Nite Time Decor’s Philosophy on Landscape Lighting

Nite Time Decor has been providing landscape lighting products, information, training and support since 1998. Though lights are an important aspect of an attractive landscape, many contractors don’t have the tools and expertise to properly sell or install landscape lighting. Our philosophy of outdoor lighting has provided increases in jobs and sales for many of our contractors.

Benefits of Learning Our Philosophy

By joining our network at Nite Time Decor, you will have access to our affordable pricing systems, private label products and necessary business resources. The Demo Kit is a helpful business tool that makes selling easier for our contractors.

We focus on basic systems that are efficient for our contractors and their customers. During our lessons, contractors receive hands-on experience with our products as they engage in practice demos and more. Whether contractors choose to use the demo kit, we believe it is beneficial for everyone to see the outcome of landscape lighting done right.

Landscape lighting is all about creating an ambiance. By placing lights in certain depths and dimensions, the yard becomes completely illuminated. There should never be any dark spots around a house. By emphasizing the importance of depth and dimensions, our contractors can properly engage with their clients.

Get Your Clients Engaged

Helping the client understand the purpose of landscape lighting can be tricky if they can’t visualize it. Regardless of how great of a salesman you are, offering a demo will always be one of your biggest selling points as a contractor. During each demo, you will illuminate your client’s house with 15 fixtures. The fixtures are strategically placed around the house, near the shrubs, in the trees and along the walkways.

After presenting the demo, your clients will understand you aren’t simply throwing lights against a house. There is a process and philosophy to landscape lighting that many don’t understand until it is in front of them. They will see the depths and dimensions you can create and will immediately want more.


Let Your Products Do the Talking

After being in the industry for nearly 20 years, we have noticed a significant difference between contractors that offer a presentation compared to those that offer a demo.  While a presentation with photos of your work can help you close 50 to 60 percent of your jobs, preparing a full demo can help you close 90 percent of your jobs. Head of Training and Business Development for Nite Time Decor, Pat Bradshaw has been training contractors for years and has seen the difference himself.

“It really is amazing to watch your client start selling themselves on the lighting products once they’ve seen the demo in their yard,” explains Bradshaw.

There have even been contractors who experienced sales increases of 25 to 30 percent because their clients wanted to add more lighting after seeing the demo.

If you are a contractor who is interested in expanding your business, learning about our landscape lighting services and products can help. Visit us online or call us as 877-552-4242!

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