Achieve the Perfect Staycation Spot with Landscape and Pool Lighting

Having an at-home swimming pool is beneficial during the summer heat. However, you can increase your backyard experience by adding resort style pool lighting. Nite Time Decor provides a variety of techniques and lighting options to our contractors that can highlight your beautiful landscaping around your pool. You can feel like you are on vacation every day with specialized lighting and landscaping services.

In-Ground Lighting

Adding in-ground pool lighting is great for illuminating pathways in your yard. Stumbling around in the dark is dangerous near a pool or any body of water. Your summer pool parties can last longer and stay safer with in-ground lighting. Illuminating your pathways can also keep guests from accidentally wandering near your beautiful landscaping.

In-ground lighting is practical and beautiful. You can use in-ground lighting to spotlight unique features in your yard and for directional purposes. Use colored LED lighting for a distinct, colorful appearance.

Moonlighting From Trees, Roof Gables or Soffits

You can install lights above your pool for a mystical moonlighting effect. By mounting lights within your trees or on your roof, the lights will give off the illusion of a full moon in your backyard. The shadows of your tree’s branches will also be cast on your pool with this down lighting effect.

Even if your backyard has no large trees for this effect, our contractors can create similar highlighting by mounting lights on your home’s soffits and gables. Your midnight swim will have a moonlit glow even if there is overcast.

Up Lighting in Trees, Shrubs and Plants

The opposite of moonlighting is up-lighting. Rather than casting light down on your pool area, these lights will shine up into trees and shrubs. Highlighting your lush landscaping will provide ample lighting and showcase the distinctive plants around your pool. Using lighting to showcase your plants and landscaping around your pool will provide an exotic look. Your guests will feel like they are swimming in a tropical oasis near the Caribbean.

Shrubs and trees of all sizes can be properly adorned with lights of different tones and intensities. Just let your contractor know what you want to stand out and they can do the rest.

Pool Lighting with Pergolas, Gazebos and Patios

If you have created a comfortable place to relax near your pool, take full advantage of it. Adding pool lighting to your pergola, gazebo or patio can make it even more enjoyable. You don’t have to go indoors when the sun goes down and you are finished in the pool. Enjoy the picturesque view of your backyard and pool with lighting from your illuminated pergola.

Well-designed and professionally installed landscape and pool lighting can turn your pool into your favorite staycation spot. Find an experienced contractor in your area.

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