Pool Design in 2017: What Trends Are on the Horizon?

The weather in many parts of the U.S. is beginning to warm up. Are you feeling inspired to invest in an in-ground pool? From start to finish, in-ground swimming pool design and installation can vary significantly depending on the materials used. For example:

  • Fiberglass – According to Pool Pricer, a fiberglass pool can take two weeks or less to install, in large part due to it being prefabricated.
  • Vinyl – One of the least labor-intensive types of pools, vinyl can be constructed between two and five weeks.
  • Concrete – Taking the most time and effort, concrete in-ground pools require all work to be done onsite, which is why it can take between four and six weeks to install.

Pool construction will depend on a number of factors, including permits, contractors, size and features, site and weather. To inspire your outdoor pool installation for the summer, check out the latest trends in pool design:

Vanishing Edge Pool Design

Also known as infinity edge or negative edge pools, these structures are created by shortening the pool wall on one side so that the water spills into a catch basin below. This pool design allows floaters to admire the views and features of your backyard while taking a dip. It also adds depth and detail to your in-ground pool.

infinity pool design image
Grab bars ladder in the swimming pool, outdoor

Beach-Entry Pool Design

Your pool doesn’t have to be on a beach-front for the beach-entry design to work. Beach entry pools are designed with a gradual slope entry from the deck or pavement and allow water to flow into the pool as if it were coming from a natural beach. This design is especially ideal for homeowners with children who desire a shallow end for their pool. No ladders or stairs are necessary to enter the pool, which can be an aesthetic plus for homes with a more natural layout.

Modern Pool Lighting

The most recent generation of light-emitting diode (LED) lamps features technology and styles that can light up your pool to create a unique feel – while making sure your pool is safe at night. For example, if you have a pathway leading from your backdoor to your pool, path lights are a great option to both illuminate the area and prevent family members or guests from tripping at night. At the same time, Tiki Torches are the ideal choice if you’re trying to make your yard a resort feel.

tiki torch pool lighting

Fire Bowls

Your pool is built for relaxation, and what image is more pleasing than a cozy fire as you dip into your in-ground pool? Fire bowls can add the ambiance of warmth at the end of chilly summer evenings. These bowls are usually gas-powered and can be switched on and off depending on the occasion. In addition to warmth, fire bowls also add a fair amount of mood lighting for an intimate evening.

backyard fire bowl fire pit

For more tips and advice as to which pool lighting is best for your home this season, contact the landscape lighting and design professionals at Nite Time Decor. Visit us online for more information or to find a contractor near you.

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