How to Select the Best Christmas Lighting Products

With the endless options of holiday lighting products available today, choosing a starting point for your Christmas lighting layout can be tricky. LED lighting or incandescent? Would your home look better with traditional string lighting or icicle lights? There are many questions to be answered when it comes to decorating your outdoor space for the holiday season.

Fortunately, the professionals at Christmas Decor are here to help. We’ve focused on the most important lighting design features to narrow down your search and help create a holiday lighting layout that suits your home best:


shutterstock_22082767From traditional white lights to red, green and the whole rainbow, it all depends on whether your going for a classic look or an all out Christmas light show. To keep it aesthetically pleasing, it’s better to choose either cool or warm white lights for simplicity. If you’re looking to put lights in sync with music or compliment your giant Santa Claus and reindeer lawn decorations, feel free to get creative with color.


How bright you want the bulbs to shine depends on the ideal ambiance for your outdoor lighting scheme. Faceted bulbs can offer brighter light, as they break up and scatter the direct beam of light emitted from an LED. Consequently, LED lights can also offer a softer light with a smoother bulb. For a warm yet joyful holiday lighting design, go with a more soft lighting choice. With a lit up house, you’ll have carolers lined up down the street.

Bulb Style

christmas decor christmas lightingWhile mini-string light bulbs have been the trend in the past, older-looking, vintage bulbs are making a comeback. LED ceramic bulbs are made to emulate old school, painted glass bulbs and are becoming quite popular now. Lights with tiny candle-wick-style tips and mini strawberry-shaped lights are two other bulb styles of the past that have been gaining back popularity. Choose your holiday lighting style of choice and hang them around your outdoor fireplace for an old-fashioned Christmas display.

With so many options to chose from in terms of holiday lighting, it can be overwhelming to find the best look for your home. Christmas Decor offers professional advice on how to make your home festive and beautiful this holiday season. To find a location near you are get in touch with an expert, visit us online at

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