Small Front Yard? No Problem with Quality Landscape Lighting!

With the average home lot size shrinking and the home sizes increasing, it’s not surprising that many people are having to make the most of smaller front yards as they plan their landscaping and hardscaping.

According to CNN Money, the average home size in the U.S. reach 2,600 square feet in 2013. Twenty years prior, the average size was a little more than 2,000 square feet. Meanwhile, the median lot size for new homes has been on the decline for the past several decades. In fact, they have dropped 10 percent between 1999 and 2014, going from a median of 9,600 square feet to 8,600 square feet. The result for many homeowners is a larger house with a smaller front and back yard.

Be Strategic With Landscape Lighting

Play up the strengths of your front yard. Even if you’re working with less than 100 square feet, you can make the most of the space using a combination of landscaping, hardscaping and lighting to give your front yard some added curb appeal.


Create a beautiful barrier – An article for Forbes sponsored by Houzz suggested planting bunches of floral blooms near the front edge of the lawn toward the curb. For instance, rose bushes are a good choice to provide a small barrier between the street and a home. To complement the beautiful flora, Nite Time Decor spun brass spot lights or even mini spot lights can accentuate the roses’ vibrant colors when the sun sets and you still want to show off your landscaping.


Line the front path and illuminate – Another smart use of your small front yard is to line the edge of the front pathway with low-growing herbs or shrubs. For instance, thyme or Roman chamomile are both good choices to help your separate your yard from the front walkway.


At the same time, 6” deluxe path lights from Nite Time Decor are ideal for adding brilliance and another level of safety to your front yard – even if you’re only walking 10 feet to the sidewalk. Using the lighting to make objects near the front of your yard appear bigger will help “extend” the length of the outdoor space.


Start with a Plan

Because you have limited real estate to work with, it’s important to map out a plan of attack with a smaller front yard to truly accentuate its best features. Contact a local Nite Time Decor contractor to ensure your front yard landscape lighting project is done right.

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