Top 3 Mistakes Homeowners Make with Christmas Lighting

When it comes to choosing the right holiday lighting design for your home, the options to create a marvelous display are seemingly endless. However, with so many possibilities for Christmas lighting and decor, this also leaves more room for error.

With our help and expertise, your home is sure to shine with festivity without violating any holiday lighting and decor rules. Here are the top three mistakes homeowners make when designing their holiday lighting scheme:

1. Starting Late

One of the biggest mistakes made with holiday lighting is starting late. The holiday lighting season typically spans from late October to early January, or about 100 days. However, waiting until the last minute can result in a thrown together, messy design. In fact, the best products for holiday lighting tend to run out by late October. Start planning early.

2. No Initial Plan

Would your home be suited best with a soft, winter wonderland atmosphere or a festive North Pole feel? The problem for many homeowners is that they have no initial idea of what ambiance and aesthetic they want their holiday lighting layout to convey. Treat your holiday lighting layout as you would your year-round landscape lighting design. Christmas lighting should add curb appeal and style to your home. Have a realistic and creative idea in mind for your holiday lighting plan.

christmas decor christmas lighting3. Limiting Your Options

Like we mentioned before, the possibilities for a brilliant holiday lighting design are endless with the thousands of products available. Many homeowners don’t spend the time exploring their options and end up with low-quality or outdated products. Ask your professional Christmas lighting decorator for assistance. At Christmas Decor, we offer expertise and experience from some of the most educated individuals in the holiday lighting industry. Don’t limit yourself to what you’re familiar with and check out all the options in holiday lighting.

Leave it to the professionals to supply you with a quality and fabulous holiday lighting layout. Christmas Decor offers complete design assistance, full installation, in-season service and timely takedown. To find a location or get in touch with a contractor, visit us at

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