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A Business Owner’s Guide to Commercial Landscape Lighting

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

It might not seem like much, but landscape lighting can make the difference between someone stopping at your business or walking right past it. After all, at night, wouldn’t you rather be in an illuminated area, rather than a dimly-lot shopping center?

The benefits of landscape lighting extend far beyond just the retail space, however – business owners within any industry can show off their company building with landscape lighting.

Nite Time Decor Business Development Specialist Pat Bradshaw explains a bit more about commercial landscape lighting, and how business owners can make the most of it:

The Benefits of Commercial Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting for commercial buildings offers many of the same advantages as residential areas. Just as a well-lit home can protect against an intruder, so can businesses with plentiful outdoor lighting. Homes and businesses alike also enjoy the aesthetic appeal of landscape lighting, and how they can use it to highlight their building’s unique features. But landscape lighting for businesses also serves another important purpose – attracting customers.

“Businesses who inquire about landscape lighting are usually places that are open later at night – restaurants, retail stores and other service industries,” Pat said. “And obviously, their primary motivation is to make sure their building and signage are illuminated so that customers can see that they’re there. Otherwise, they’d lose out on a ton of passerby business.”

In addition to driving foot traffic, consumer-facing businesses also benefit from the curb appeal landscape lighting adds to their real estate.

“Of course, visibility is usually first and foremost, but landscape lighting is great for businesses to create an environment the customer would like,” Pat said. “Every business owner – especially in strip malls or more saturated areas – wants to know what they can to do be more interesting and stand out. Landscape lighting is a great way to accomplish that.”

Pat says he also sees restaurants and corporate offices utilize landscape lighting – almost as much as retail spaces.

“Restaurants will sometimes change the colors of their landscape lighting to signal happy hour, for holidays or for a theme night,” Pat said. “Corporate offices do the same thing for holidays, or they’ll reflect their branding colors onto their building. Sometimes, for special promotions, they’ll also use different colored landscape lighting.”

How to Use Landscape Lighting for Your Business

Hiring a professional to install your landscape lighting is definitely the way to go – it’s safer, faster and likely cheaper than installing them yourself.

“When we’re figuring out lighting design, there are a lot of factors that go into that,” Pat said. “First, you need to make sure the building itself is really well-lit, and that the entrance is warm and inviting. For special features on the property, we’ll use a medium or soft light to reflect interesting plants and trees. And then, you can always wash walls with lighting, frame windows and highlight unique architectural components. It all really depends on the space and what the owner wants.”

No matter your industry, landscape lighting can be a great addition to your business. From driving customers to your door to creating a safer, more engaging space, the benefits of commercial landscape lighting are endless. To find a contractor in your area who can install landscape lighting for your business, contact us here.

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