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How to Turn Your Outdoor Space Into a Backyard Oasis

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Just because you don’t live on a tropical beach doesn’t mean that your outdoor space can’t

resemble one. With the right setup, your backyard can feel and look just like a beautiful and relaxing outdoor oasis. As the temperatures begin to rise and the sun begins to shine brighter, now’s the perfect time to start transforming your backyard from a dull outdoor space into a backyard resort – or at least a space that feels like one! Just follow these tips below to being your backyard transformation so you can start relaxing.

1. Add Water

Is there anything more relaxing than hearing the sounds of waves crashing against the seashore? Even if your home isn’t situated on a coastline, you can still incorporate elements into your yard that resemble similar sounds. Consider having a small backyard fountain installed or even a small backyard waterfall. Not only will these fixtures be visually appealing, but the sounds of the water will mimic the sounds of tropical waves, creating a relaxing and calming ambiance.

2. Specialty Lighting

Incorporating an array of relaxing outdoor lighting techniques can add a calming effect to your outdoor space as you utilize it once the sun sets. Consider having high-quality and durable outdoor lighting fixtures, like those from premium outdoor lighting suppliers like Nite Time Decor, installed that utilize ambient and accent lighting to illuminate your yard. For a more festive feeling, try adding Tiki torch fixtures or a fire pit to gather and warm up around. No matter what outdoor lighting products you choose to have installed, they’re a necessity for a safe and relaxing ambiance. To learn more about Nite Time Decor’s low-voltage landscape lighting products, contact a contractor in your area today.

3. Incorporate Color

Adding pops of color throughout your yard with flowers or other decorative elements can create a resort-like feel when you enter your outdoor space. Depending on your specific design and color aesthetic, the colors you choose may vary. Add pops of color with decorative pillows, tablecloths, backyard curtains, outdoor art or even light-weight throws. If you want your yard to feel lively and energetic, consider adding brighter color combinations like lime green, coral or aqua. For a more relaxing and subdued feel, add more dismal colors like sky blue, deep greens or eggshell whites. No matter what color palate you choose, make sure to keep it tasteful and not to overdo it with too much color.

4. Plant Lush Layers

One thing that most backyard resorts have is an array of plants incorporated into their landscape. To create this same effect, we recommend transforming your yard into a backyard oasis by adding in lush layers of various plants. Create various gardens across your yard incorporating short flowers, medium-sized bushes and tall grasses and trees to create textured layers. Don’t forget to choose fragrant flowers to add to the tranquil effect.

5. Focus on Comfort

Your yard should be about total comfort if you’re looking to turn it into an oasis. Ditch those cheap, plastic outdoor furniture pieces and trade them in for more comfortable and luxurious pieces. Although creating a comfortable backyard oftentimes means spending more money, if you take good care of these new items then they can last you a longer time. Incorporate accessories like pillows, foot rests and seat cushions that add an extra sense of comfort to your outdoor space.

Do you have other ideas for how you can turn your outdoor space into a backyard oasis? Share your ideas with us below!

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